A body susceptible to wishes 2

When my girlfriend saw me still playing videogames she got mad, “I hoped that when you transformed into a woman, you would leave that stupid hobby once and for all” she said. “Well, I thought so too, and I do feel like a woman. But I do like videogames and you can’t change that” I said. “Well, I wish you were more like me. Actually, I wish you were me”. Again, I felt my body change. In a couple of seconds, I was an exact copy of Amy. “Where did John go?” I asked her. I had no idea what had happened, one second ago, I was standing up, yelling at my boyfriend, and now I am sitting down, holding a beer and a controller. “Wait? was I John?” I said outloud.

“I like your outfit” I told her, and got dressed exactly as her. I kissed her, which was weird, but felt good kissing my ownself. We walked downstairs. We looked like twins. “Well, I guess that one of us should go by a different name” she said, “you should be Katie”. I agreed. Since John was gone, we decided to go out and meet some guys. No one would say no to a threesome with twins.


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