A warm soapy bath and relax.

After another long and stressful day trapped in the body of a middle-age pregnant woman thanks to the great shift Jeff could not wait to climb into a warm soapy bath and relax.

He just lay there letting the warm water relieve all the aching muscles of his stressed out body as he poked at his extended belly still amazed that he was now a woman and carrying a baby.

He was still hoping that they would find a way to undo what the great shift had done before it was time for him to give birth to some stranger’s baby something he was not looking forward to especially seeing he had only a couple of weeks according to the doctors.

He was just glad to have his girlfriend by his side who was unaffected by the great shift and was a great help in everyday life and especially getting in and out of the bath as he felt her grab his arm to make sure he had not fallen asleep.


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