The piano

I like to play the piano, everytime I see a piano I must sit down and play for a little while, either improvising, or playing a rock song. I was at a museum. An old piano was part of the exhibition. It had a sign “do not touch”. But being me, I just had to play it. Plus, I know I am great at it, so, people are going to enjoy, and no one is going to get mad.

I sat on the piano, I played a couple of chords, to check if everything sounded right. I paused and started improvising. People were looking at me, some even clapping and cheering. I felt so turned on. I was so into the piano, that I stopped paying attention to the rest of the world. Suddenly, I realized that no one was saying anything. All I could hear was the piano. I stopped playing. I wasn’t in the museum anymore, I was at an unknown home. A man then talked “Honey, you like the new piano?”. I looked around, appart from the man, I was alone. He was talking to me. I felt some extra weight on my chest. I looked down, and realized I was wearing a dress, worse, I was a woman. I looked at the man, I was confused, what the hell had happened. “Yes, thank you” I said.

I looked back at the piano, and tried to play. I couldn’t, I looked at the sheets of score, and I didn’t understand a thing. The man stood up behind me. He started massaging my neck. “Don’t worry, i’ll get someone to teach you how to play” he said. He then kissed my neck. That’s when I felt some shortcircuit in my head. I was so happy that my husband got me this new piano, I always wanted to learn to play an instrument. We went to a dance that night. And of course, when we got back, we had sex all night. I just love to feel him inside me, and I also love the feel of having my nipples licked.


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