Saturday Night

So, Larry and I were just sitting around on Saturday night. He said, “this is pretty lame.” I said, “Yes it is. At least if we were women we would have dates.”

I may not be the first guy who ever said that, but I may be the first where a genie heard and took action. Quick action:

The genie turned Larry into a brunette and me into a blond. We sat there, astonished. Actually we kind of liked the way we looked. If you are going to be in the body of a woman, you would want to look good at least.
There was a knock on the door. “Laura” answered it and invited the two guys in. It was weird but there was some wine poured and we were women and the guys were friendly enough.

One of the guys said “What to you two do for hobbies?” Laura got the most devilish look on her face and said “My friend Christine has a special skill that she loves to demonstrate.” Then she licked her lips to imply what she was talking about. They laughed and looked at me.

The guy named Matt said, “I like it when women have that hobby.” They all looked at me again.
I was a woman. I had consumed plenty of wine. Matt unzipped. It didn’t seem like such a horrible idea. All three of them watched as I got on my knees in front of Matt. I said to Matt, looking up to him and then looking at his cock which he had pulled out, “This isn’t my hobby. I have never done this before.”

Laura laughed, “She’s joking. You’ll find out how good she is at it. That has to come from practice.”
She was having a good time putting me in a bad situation but I knew she would be side by side with me soon, sucking away.

Matt said, “I’m ready”. He certainly was. I looked at it, wrapped by lips around it and started slurping. Laura guided my head which wasn’t necessary. It turns out if you like giving people pleasure and are accomplishment oriented, this could get addictive. Matt liked it a lot. He said, ” Laura, you and Tom should join us.”

As it turned out, Laura took to it very well too.


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