Losing it

Nanomachine technology developed during the war created a drug that would transform a man into a woman. The change was temporary so long as the subject could avoid having an orgasm. The hormones released during a female orgasm triggers a chemical process in the drug that seals the genetic code of the user and locks them in their new form.

Brian was in deep with his bookie for $50,000. When it became clear Brian would not be able to pay the loan back his bookie offered him a deal. If Brian was willing to test a new blackmarket pharmaceutical then the debt would be repaid. Brian had done his fair share of narcotics over the years, so he gladly accepted the offer.

Now Brian struggles against the layers of electrical tape binding his new body. His soft flesh quivers as he squirms to escape the sensations of the vibro wand. Muffled gasps escape Brian’s mouth as he works to keep himself from hyperventilating, but the pleasurable sensations were more intense than anything he could have anticipated. It was so different from the focused explosiveness he was used to. This felt like waves crashing through his body, each one coming from somewhere deep inside him and radiating outward across his whole being, each building on the last, growing more and more intense. It took his breath away. He tried to fight against it, but it was like standing in a hurricane.

Brian’s high voice filled the room with gasps as he shook his head side to side trying to fight his bodies reaction. His bookie holds the wand stationary against the opening of Brian’s new sex, laying its buzzing head across the hood of the clitoris. He had recruited a few girls in this method now, and he was quickly becoming addicted to the rush of the change. A sharp inhale proceeds a deep moan as the orgasm crashes through Brian’s new body. Brian’s wet hips writhe uncontrollably upwards, humping in search of the source of the pleasure. The bookie smiles as Brian’s tearful eyes roll back in his head and his body shudders in ecstasy. “That’s a good girl.”


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