The “Alpha” Attack

Ron couldn’t help but panic…how the hell did an Alpha get in here!? His house was safe, right? As he saw the Alpha corner him the bathroom, he knew he was doomed.

As the world had been ravaged by the Bimbo Virus, there emerged a supposed savior: The Alphas. The Alphas were immune to the plague, but possessed an incredible lust. This lust caused them to seek out anyone they could, man or woman to sate their desires. Any person who gazed upon their cocks, or showed any signs of weakness, would be fucked into a stupid bimbo by the alpha…

…and now it was Ron’s turn. The alpha used his incredible strength, gained by draining the masculinity of his victims, to lift Ron into the air. As he pushed against Ron’s chest, Ron couldn’t help but moan, as large breasts slowly grew. He pushed open Ron’s legs, the legs becoming slender, and lady-like. He watched as his body was lowered slowly closer to the cock, unable to resist. Long hair soon draped his back, as his face became feminine and beautiful. He gazed at the large cock the alpha possessed, unable to look away. As if inviting him, Ron’s cock slowly shrunk, receding further and further until it became a feminine slit. As the alpha’s cock entered Ron’s new vagina, the pleasure exploded, turning Ron into yet another bimbo.


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