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A New Life? :Awakening

I think i reacted appropriately to the situation. I mean, i’d like to see any of you respond to waking up one morning to discover you suddenly have a firm pair of breasts and have somehow switched genders whilst you slept. I’m also surprisingly hot…..nice. Read more

A New Life? : Shedding some light

Turns out all he wanted was to ogle my butt and tell me that i was accompanying him to a convention in a weeks time, in terms that sounded like he was giving me a choice. Better have separate rooms…. Read more

A New Life? : First Day on the Job

As jobs go, its not too bad being some rich bastards PA. You send emails, get decent break hours and tend to get much better pay then the drones out in the main office. That you are obviously eye-candy is a given, though whoever your direct boss is tends to act friendly, turn up to christmas parties with you, mainly to either get in your pants and/or pretend to just be one of the masses. Regardless the fact that you do a good job at the end of the day when working for someone trying to get on your good side tends to mean raises. And yes, this is what women talk about in the bathroom. I’ve never been so terrified in my life. Read more