A new life

“hey babe, why did you want to meet out here?”

“hey John, i wanted to show you something.”

At that moment Claire began to shape shift into the form of his best friend, kale

“whoa what the hell are you?!”

“it’s me John, Kale. i sorta took the place of your girlfriend.”

“Why man? why would you do this?”

“well remember that huge fight that you and Claire had last month? Well she actually she left school as well as the state, and I knew you wouldn’t take it too well so i used my shape shifting powers to transform myself into Claire so that you didn’t have some huge depressing moment in your life.”

“Wait, me and Claire had make-up sex two weeks after that argument! Are you telling me that you are gay!?”

“What! no! i just telling you that I now understand why Claire left you bro! you are kinda of dick which is why i am breaking up with you as Claire and as your best friend.”

After saying that, Kale transformed back into Claire to live her life in the university once again without her boyfriend

The Huge Argument:
“Why do you have so much porn John? I mean i am fine with a few magazine or something, but this is a gratuitous amount of porn!”

Refer to DESTROY THE PORN by MARKIPLIER to see how much porn this guy has and understand why.


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