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Lover’s jealously

Elliot stared at the empty bed that only a few moments ago he was in absolute bliss. A day earlier, Elliot’s girlfriend Miranda came into their apartment with a crazy story of a potion she had acquired that was said to transcend a love a couple had for each other to a whole new level. Believing the story to nothing more than basket of crazy, Elliot agreed to drink it believing the “potion” to be nothing more than colored alcohol that would set them into the mood. After each drank the potion they immediately felt a small buzzing in the back of their heads growing to a unbearable noise until they both passed out. Upon waking up, Elliot immediately felt a difference as raven colored hair was now in his vision with a generous view of two ample breast enclosed in a tight black tank top that any man would kill to have seen. Rushing to the bedroom to the full scale mirror in there, he felt the sway of his new assets as well as the swish of his hips that screamed femininity. Upon reaching the mirror, the person looking back was none other than his mesmerizing girlfriend, Miranda. Having his breath stolen from the mirror, he brought one of his now delicate soft hand to his new body, feeling the desirable soft lips that he has kissed so many times with insatiable hunger for more, the cheekbones that instantiates the glowing femininity the body gives out, the soul-sucking crystal blue eyes that could chill the devil out and having him begging for their loving look, the ample double B breast that were restrained inside of the tight black top that gave a gracious view of the twins that would have any man panting and daydreaming of handling such beauties. The overwhelming beauty at his fingertips was too much for Elliot causing to sit down on the bed, only to feel the jiggle of his now plump cushion-y ass which made him stand-up at lighting speed causing his left breast to pop out of the top at which he grabbed at to put back into the top only to knead it in such a way to cause a wave of pleasure to course through his entire body, especially in a certain lower region which had him fall to the ground clutch his chest and slowly began to message his breast sending only more waves of pleasure throughout his new body. Only after a few minutes after Elliot woke up, Miranda woke up in his body, only for the potion to start to take its effect causing Miranda to lose consciousness and become a wild animal in heat, and at that precise moment the wild Miranda heard the soft moans coming from Elliot and ran straight for the bedroom at unnatural speeds. While continuing messaging his new assets, Elliot soon saw his old body bolt into the room and immediately said in a scared/moaning voice
“Babe, is that you? It’s me Elliot! We have to switch back immediately! I think that potion did more than just switch us.”
Except Miranda was no longer conscious and the look his old body was giving, was that of a predator that has found its prey and was ready to pounce. Trying to get up to run, Elliot stood up only to lifted off the ground completely by his old body and thrown onto the bed in a swift motion. Still weak from the pleasure he was giving to himself plus the disorienting move from the ground to the bed, Elliot could do nothing but watch events unfold in front of him. The wild Miranda soon jumped onto the bed and in a quick motion removed the restricting black top and soon both breast were out in the slowly heating air with the nipples slowly hardening, only to have wild Miranda suck on each causing tremendous waves of pleasures to course through Elliot making him only to moan in equal passion. Soon Elliot brought a hand down to remove the pesky gray leggings that his body was wearing to reveal a warm, wet and ready pussy aching to be filled. And in defying the natural world along with physics, Miranda’s faded blue jeans exploded from her lower body exposing a throbbing hard-on that saw the wet slit between Elliot’s legs and in a swift motion penetrated him causing immeasurable amount pleasure of ecstasy to flow through his petite body if not a little bit of pain from the swiftness of the action, and more waves of euphoria flowed through his body with each thrust Miranda gave with her pulsation cock. These actions went on for what felt like years of absolute and never-ending
bliss, Elliot woke up to a aching feel between his legs and to find out they had spent an entire day not once leaving the bedroom for food or a shower! When searching for his old body, Elliot found a letter from Miranda apologizing for what happened and told him about how she acquired the potion from a old man in a bathrobe and how she went to search for the old man and ask him to create an reverse potion so they can switch back immediately, dropping the letter to the ground a knock came from the door. Elliot glided out of the bedroom with a sway of his hips displaying the femininity the body was giving out. Opening the door Elliot saw a old man in a bathrobe standing on the other side looking at the ravishing beauty that was Elliot with desire and stating in a gruff manner
“Ok, I kept my part of the bargain. Now for you to pay up.”
Elliot simply replied
“Indeed you did. Not only will I pay you double, but I will also give you a little something extra as well…”
With that Elliot grabbed the old man by the arm and lead back into the bedroom where he was ready to begin round two…..
(I finally managed to write another story somehow. I would like to thank @joyjoy for giving me inspiration to write as well as all the lovely stories on this site! I hope my writing has improved since the last time I have written! Hopefully it doesn’t take my another year or two to write another story…. Also if you wouldn’t mind to spare a minute or two to tell me if you like the story or not that would be fantastic of course not required. )