A little tipsy.

Jeff was out with his friends after the great shift put him in the body of a middle aged woman he felt it was about time that he got back on the dating scene even though now he would be the hunted not the hunter.

He could not understand why his friends were all staring at him as he sipped his fourth glass of wine of the night.

For some reason his new body did not like the taste of beer and maybe his new body had reached it’s limit as he was too far out of it to notice one of his voluptuous breasts had escaped from beneath his blouse which was giving all the men around the table a bit of a cheap thrill and when he finally noticed what they were looking at he went a little bit red in the face.

He regretted not borrowing one of his mother’s bras as they were the same cup size now and could not believe he was offering his friends a quick squeeze before putting it away.


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