Playing Mummy.

When Tim landed in the body of a single mother thanks to the great shift he was not too pleased.

Overnight he had gone from an 18 year old good-looking man to a 35 year old housewife with a 3 year old screaming toddler & demanding husband who was not shifted in the great shift and was little help to Tim with his new situation.

Tim fount himself reluctantly fitting into the gap left by this guy’s wife as he waited for his travel documents & new identity.

But due to the chaos left in the wake of the great shift the system was very slow and it could take many months before he was allowed to return to his old life again.

He made himself useful as best as possible & found himself slowly fitting into the role left by the original inhabitant of this body
he started cooking and cleaning & looking after the child which for some reason he found himself loving unconditionally wondering if it was the female mothering hormones running through his body.

That’s not to say he was any good at it but he tried his best it was just something about this body that made doing these tasks feel like being at home and he was even starting to have feelings towards the man he now new as his husband which was natural as the to were married for many years and have had a child together.

As he knelt down running the bath ready to bathe the toddler he was surprised at how turned on he got when the water run across his breasts reminding him it had almost been 4 months since he last played with himself but after his first period he did not want to touch that thing down there again.

But his new body was getting extremely horny and he was going to have to do something about it before the urges drove him crazy.


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