Not what you wished for. Or is it?

‘No! What are you doing?!’ you yelled, as you moved up, feeling Brian’s cock sliding out of you, your pussy dripping his cum.

Jacky smiled at you, devilishly, and whispered: ‘You know how they work. It’s permanent now.’


For years, you had fantasized about being fucked by Brian, the school’s most popular guy, but you knew he only fucked the hottest blondes. Then, one day, your friend Jake showed you the pills.

‘Sometimes, when I’m horny and alone, I change to Jacky,’ he confessed. ‘You won’t believe how easy it is for hot girls to have some fun. Wanna try?’

Not even half an hour later, Jake – now Jacky – and you rang at Brian’s door. There was a party going on. Jake knew about it. When Brian answered the door, he immediately smiled at your friend. ‘Hi Jacky, great to see you again!’ You looked at Jake, surprised, but he just smiled back, signalling you to just go with it.

‘Who’s your friend?’ Brian asked. You felt a warm feeling from being so close to your year long crush – you were hornier than you had ever been. Almost, you wanted to say your own name, but Jacky quickly answered: ‘This is Jessica.’

‘Well Jessica, welcome to my place. I hope you’re as fun as Jacky.’ He winked at you which made your heart start racing.

There were a lot of people in the house, you could hear from the noises coming from the living room. But Brian didn’t go in. Instead, he led you and Jacky upstairs, to his own bedroom.

‘Jacky and I always have some fun first, before going to the other guests.’

O my god, you were thinking. Is this really happening?! Yes, it was really happening. Before you knew it, Jacky, Briand and you were naked, and Jacky really let you have most of the fun. As she kissed Brian passionately, she let you ride his hard, throbbing cock. At first, your pussy hurt a little bit, but it quickly got used to the feeling of cock filling it up. It didn’t take long for you to forget the one rule – the one, simple rule of which Jake had reminded you:

‘Whatever you do,’ Jake had warned, ‘do NOT let any cum get into your body. One drop of cum inside of you and the change is permanent.’

Your body rapidly moved towards ecstasy and you thought you felt an orgasm coming, but Brian was quicker. As you felt his thick cock squeezing all his load into you, you simultaneously remembered the one important rule.


Brian looked confused as he saw the fear in your eyes, but Jacky only smiled.

‘It seems like our friend Jessica didn’t have here own orgasm yet. Maybe it’s time to get the other guests up here.’

Jacky walked out of the door, just smiling at you. When she was gone, you felt Brian’s cock getting hard again, pushing against your tight ass now.

‘You know,’ he said, ‘it’s a shame I can only fill up one hole at a time. How about we try the next, and maybe some of my guests could join in then?’

The only thing you could think was: how often does Brian organize these parties?


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