A Failed Experiment?

“Hey, thanks for letting me be a part of your experiment!” my girlfriend, Marie, said. “I always thought you’d want to keep your sciency stuff to yourself.”
“Oh no, I was just waiting for the right moment to bring you into it!” I said smiling at her. What she didn’t know was what this experiment was supposed to do. Using mental impulses from my mind, I was going to change certain aspects of her body. To make my flat-chested, flat-assed girlfriend a bit more…sexy. I was sure that once it was all over she wouldn’t mind her new assets.
“Alright then! How do we begin?” she asked timidly.
“Well first we have to attach these mental readers to our heads,” I said, handing her a pair to attach to her forehead. “Then all I have to do is push this button on the device, and it should start working!” Once we attached the readers, I pressed the button, and waiting for the changes to start happening. Mere seconds passed, and the device started to short-circuit. “Oh no!” I said. “Quick, take off the-” I didn’t get to finish the sentence before the device shorted out, sending electrical shocks through us both.
Thankfully we were unharmed.
“Oh dear!” Marie said, sounding disappointed. “Can you fix it?”
“I’m sure eventually I could, but for right now it seems our experiment is over…” my voice trailed off as my vision grew dark…
Next thing I knew we were upstairs in our living room. I was sitting on the couch, and Marie was standing in front of me.
“Ugh, what happened?” I asked, getting to my feet.
“The shock must have made us pass out,” she answered. “I came to just moments before you.”
I looked at her, noticing something odd. “Honey, have you gotten taller?” I was looking her right in the eyes, but I don’t remember being at eye-level with her before.
“No, I don’t think so,” she said, not seeming to notice. I shrugged it off, and started to walk over to the kitchen. It was about lunchtime, and I was starting to feel hungry. I made it to the doorway between the living room and kitchen, when my vision went dark again. Seconds before I passed out I hard a loud thump from behind me.
I woke up again on the couch, and again with Marie standing in front of me. She must have woke up before me again.
“What’s happening?” she asked worriedly.
“I’m not sure,” I told her, getting to my feet again. My eyes widened in shock.
I was definitely shorter than her now. Looking straight ahead my eyes were met with her breasts just below her shoulder.
Her breasts! They were starting to spill out of the top of her bra, the slight bulge visible through her thin shirt. She followed my stare, and jumped back in surprise.
“My boobs!” she shouted. “They’re bigger! And I thought I was done growing! Oh this is wonderful!” She jumped up and down in excitement, before she fell to the floor, followed shortly by myself…
This time I came to first. I got up and picked Marie up, sitting her down on the couch. Before I could get a good look at if anything had changed this time, she woke up and got to her feet, causing me to be met with a perfect view of her even larger breasts.
“Wow! My boobs have gotten even bigger!” she said. “And, er, sweetie, I think you’ve gotten a bit smaller.” Now she catches on.
“We have to find some way to fix this!” I said panicked. I didn’t like being smaller than my girlfriend.
“Don’t worry, we’ll figure somethi-” she was cut off by a strange shock passing through both our bodies. We didn’t pass out this time, but the changes were noticeable.
Her breasts had grown even larger, and from my new vantage point at just below her belly button, I could see her ass and thighs had become more shapely.
Her hands snapped instantly to her breasts. “I’ve got to see these girls fully now,” she said, pulling of her tight shirt and unhooking her too-small bra, letting her breasts succumb to gravity. She hefted them, saying, “Woah, I’ve gone from boobs, to full-on TITS!” I had to admit, they did look pretty good. I could feel myself getting excited, though my now baggy pants hid it from her. As I was looking up at her, I felt the shock again, and I could tell she had too.
Now I was as tall as her waist, and I could see her pants were clearly struggling now. “Ugh, when did these get so tight?” Marie said, unbuttoning her pants and taking them off, one leg at a time. Her strained panties quickly followed suit. I was looking at her vagina now, and to either side I could see the new bubble in her butt. She was one step away from being what I had thought of when hooked up to the device. We felt one more electric shock…
I was shorter than her waist now, maybe on level with her knees. My clothes were entirely too big for me now, so I threw them to she side. “Ooh honey,” she said, seeing my erect member. “I see you like the new me.” I looked up, and saw that her tits had grown again. Earlier today she had been at a B-cup, but now she was pushing a DD. “Let me go fix us up some lunch, then we can test this new body of mine,” she said walking towards the kitchen. Her ass wobbled mesmerizingly as I looked up at it from my new vantage. What would a body like that do to a little guy like me? I wondered, both scared and excited for what was to come…


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