Summer romance

My wife made a deal with me, and of course it involved her magic. I’d known she was a witch since we were dating. I thought it was just mumbo jumbo until she used it to make my cock tiny when she got mad at me for teasing her. That didn’t last long, but the point was made. She only ever used her magic sparingly, but that didn’t keep me from asking her to use it more.

About a year after we got married, her younger brother had finished college and was super depressed and lonely living at their parents house. She wanted some way to cheer him up, and suggested a summer romance might do just the thing. Unfortunately she didn’t have any female friends she could set him up with. So she came to me.

She said she’d turn me into a girl and I’d be his summer romance. She’d say I had been called away on business and “Mary-Jo” was a friend of hers from college in town for the summer. In exchange for my cooperation, my wife promised she’d use her magic to give herself bigger boobs, just like I’d always asked for. I was hesitant, but she promised to sweeten the deal with some lezzy action.

So she turned me into a girl and set me up on a date with her brother. He wasn’t a bad guy, but man was he awkward. I had to take the lead on everything, like he’d never dated a girl before, which I knew wasn’t far from the truth. Our first kiss was among the worst I’d ever had.

Going by my own playbook, I knew date three was the killer one. I was going to have to convince him to fuck me. Lesbian sex had been pretty good, and my wife had even used a strap on once, so I felt like I was prepared, at least physically.

After some drinks we headed back to his parents place, my mother and father in law. He snuck me upstairs and we started making out. He wasn’t a dumb guy, he was learning fast that this girl (me) wanted him to be more aggressive. Soon we were both naked, me on my hands and knees, ass in the air. Then he penetrated me.

I thought I’d been prepared, but I heard myself moan as fireworks went off in my vision. A cock was not the same as a strap on or a dildo. It was better, I thought as he started thrusting, my eyes wide with shock. So much better.

He made me cum twice somehow before he came and blew his load all over my ass. He apologized for not having a condom and said I was amazing. In a euphoric haze I agreed.

I hope my wife doesn’t mind that I’ve been spending a lot of time with her brother since then. I don’t know how to break it to her that he is better at sex than her. Her brother has told me he loves me and wants to make the long distance thing work once the summer is over. I have to admit, when he’s inside of me it’s pretty tempting…


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