A bet

Chuck didn’t believe his friend and roommate John when he told Chuck he had a magic dick. John claimed that it would turn anyone who saw it into a busty girl with an insatiable desire for dick. John had bet a years worth of rent if his claim wasn’t true, all Chuck had to do was look at it for 5 minutes.

Chuck was about as straight as they come, but to live rent free for a year in exchange for looking at a dick for a few minutes was a small price to pay and he shook hands with John. John proceeded to unbuckle his jeans and pull his boxers down then his dick flew free. It caught Chuck off guard, and he was surprised that John was hard. Not that he had anything to be ashamed about, Chuck thought. It was an impressive dick, it had to be about 7 inches long, a bulbous head that would glide along a woman’s pussy, and thick veins that were just right to hold. In fact, Chuck felt drawn to it, he needed to observe it closer.

While these thoughts were running through his head he was oblivious to anything else that was going on. As his mind spiraled into a dick obsession he body softened, the muscles hard earned faded, and his body slimmed down into a delicate female shape, his chest lost muscle and gained fat, expanding into a pair of lovely tits, and her face took on a beautiful feminine form as silky dark brown hair cascaded down her neck and back. As this was happening her dick disappeared, retracting and forming a hypersensitive pussy that would soon be filled with the wonderful cock she was looking at.

Chuck, now Chelsea, was obsessed with the cock in front of her, and pulled it into her hand, licking up and down the shaft as her tongue swirled around it before she finally plunged it deep into her mouth, the head hitting the back of her throat. She bobbed happily for several minutes before she felt John tensing in her hands and a spray of warm sticky cum filling her mouth. Pulling away she scooped the little bits that had escaped into her mouth and looked up at her man saying. “I win John, I made you cum in 5 minutes. I live rent free for a year.”

John smiled at her, “I guess you showed me lover, now come here.”


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