“Did-did it work?” Lexi heard her boyfriend’s voice say in her head.
“Oh yes, it definitely worked. ‘Your’ fusion machine was a success: we’ve become one,” she said, a hint of lust present in her voice.
“Excellent! But-why can’t I control anything? Not our arms, legs, nothing!”
“Oh, well, you see, I didn’t want you to be able to control my body, so I made some modifications to your device,” she said, letting him fill in the blanks.
He obviously didn’t. “What do you mean?”
Lexi sighed. “I mean I focused you into one area. Do you really think I wanted to have any of your body parts?” she threw up a little in her mouth at the thought of having any of his…equipment. “No, so I made the machine fuse your mass with one part of my body.”
“And what part is that…?” he said, slightly panicked.
“My tits, of course! Your brain merged with mine, but everything else went straight to my boobs, and boy did you make them look fantastic. You might have made them big and heavy, I’ll definitely be needing some new bras, but I know I’m going to be enjoying them, so thanks for that! Now, I think it’s time to go see if these baby’s can get me some action: I am recently single, after all.”


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