James and Frank sat there on the school steps watching the lads practice at football still forgetting some of the fundamental things about being women and wearing skirts and wondering why all the lads kept on staring at them.

Still with no idea how they ended up back in the 1960s in the bodies of two teenage girls who are on the cheerleading squad struggling to cope and come to terms with what had happened to them and with no idea how they got there they had no idea how to get back to the year 2008.

Where two very confused teenage girls were now in their bodies struggling to get used to being teenage lads and being in the year 2008 with all its modern advances.

But they quickly learnt how to use the Internet and set about tracking down their bodies in this time period as there bodies should now be in their sixties if they were still alive and see if they had any idea what caused this to happen.


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