Lost in the Woods

I am a pretty experienced upper mountain hiker. I am good at taking along the right gear and I am very comfortable hiking alone.

It was only because I had missed a trail fork that I ended up asking for help. I was very cold and shivering and a big storm was coming up and it was getting dark when I saw the ranger cabin. When the handsome and rugged ranger came to the door, he looked disappointed. “I guess I can help you but I would be a lot more enthusiastic about it if you were a woman” he admitted. “I haven’t seen a woman for a month.”

I just took it as a joke. “Well I can’t help being a guy”, I said, so “wishes are not going to do much for you.”

He smiled, “Still, you can’t blame me for wishing you were a slender brunette.”|

Outside there was a bolt of lightning. It was like his words got swallowed up into a new electromagnetic field.
Both of us were shocked that the electrical impulses went to work on my cellular structure big time. Thirty seconds later I was still shivering in my wet clothes and I was the slender brunette.

He recovered from the shock more quickly than I did. He even decided on a name. He said “Annette let’s get you out of those wet clothes and get your a hot shower and some soup and put a fire in the fireplace.”

I said “That is so nice of you” in my new feminine voice.

And then he smiled and said, “And after all that I am going to fuck you all night long.”

And that turned out to be very nice of him too. With his help, I learned what to do very quickly. Three times that night he gave me incredible orgasms as his cock rubbed across my pleasure center. Once I screamed so loud in pleasure that a coyote howled back. He laughed and said, “Annette, there’s more of that coming.


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