You’ve Got a Point

“There.” Steven said after unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her sizable breasts encased in a bra “Happy?”.

“Jesus dude. You’re stacked! I mean, err, your moms stacked!” Fred said, marveling at Steven’s chest.
“I’m not my mom. I’m me.” Steven snapped, hands ready to button her shirt back up.
“Okay, jeez sorry. YOU’RE stacked, better?”
“Ha, ha. Everyone who didn’t shift it full of jokes.” Steven poured herself another drink and sipped from it.
“Well it’s a little bit funny. It’s not everyone who shifted into their own mom.”
“Yeah, it’s really funny that I’ve lost decades of life in the blink of an eye! Do you know how old I am now?” Steven asked bluntly.
“Um… I don’t know, fifty?”
“Fifty four.” Steven deadpanned as she took another drink.

“Well…” Fred reasoned, “It can’t be all bad! You wouldn’t have been able to buy this booze if you hadn’t shifted!” Fred held up his glass. Steven eyes him for a moment before rolling her eyes and clinking glassed.
“Small consolation, but a valid one.” Steven said finishing her drink and pouring a new one.
“And at least you get to see things from the other side of the fence, you know?” Fred continued, pushing his luck.
“Yeah, it’s great over here! A cold toilet seat whenever I piss and two straps digging into my shoulders for the majority of my waking hours.”
“Well, it’s not like you have to wear the bra, to be fair.”
Steven swallowed a gulp of drink, “Back pain. Nipples. Stairs. The bra is not optional. Trust me.”
“I guess I’ll have to take your word for it.” Said Fred.

A few moments passed as the two friends sipped from their drinks. Steven excused herself to go to the bathroom, before reentering the room a few moments later.
“Fred, there’s no toilet paper.”
“Oh, sorry I thought you needed to just take a leak.” Fred said as he rummaged through some cabinets for a new roll.
“I do but I need to, um, wipe. Down there.” Steven explained awkwardly.
“Oh, right! Sorry! Sometimes I forget that, uh, you know.”
“Yeah, well that makes one of us.”

Steven dissipeared for a few minutes as Fred drank nervously, unsure of how his first hangout with his best friend since the Great Shift was going. Steven returned and sat down, pouring herself yet another drink.
“Can I tell you a secret? I hate this thing.” She said, glancing at her bra. “It’s a pain. I want to take it off.”
“I, uh, if you want…” Fred stammered.
“Hey! I didn’t mean it like that, don’t be gross dude!” Steven said.
“Sorry! I’m just saying I don’t care man, go topless, if you want. I’ve gone to the beach with you a million times and seen you shirtless! This is no different.”
“As far as I know you haven’t seen my mother shirtless though.” Steven chuckled.
“Well, you’re not your mother. You’re you.” Fred said. Steven eyed him.
“You’ve got a point.” Steven said as she finished her drink and reached behind her back.


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