Your Name is Todd.

Your name is Todd. And despite the recent odd occurrence that haunts you at this very moment you have never had a major impulse to be a girl. All your life you have grown to be rather content with your role in society as a male, taking part in manly actions, dating and masturbating over women, taking part in sports events, and playing hours upon hours if videogames, not if this, mind you, being in a traditionally feminant way which is why your current predicament suprises you more than a small amount. To let this make sense we must back up to your morning, you got up, put on a shirt and headed straight for your girlfriends house in which you plan for a rather exciting evening in bed, all of which normal for you, that is untill you made the unfortunate mistake of referencing your girlfriend as a “cocktail sucking slut” in the process of foreplay. Well this did not go over your girlfriend in a kindly matter as she instantly to offence to the phrase. “I’ll show you a cocktail sucking slit” she said angrily as you suddenly felt your body begin shrinking in size as your waiste expanded giving a sharp pain in your lower region. This pain was overcome however by the feeling of your large dick begin shrinking. You desperately apply pressure to releave the feeling as it folded into itself creating a deep hole in your crotch. As this was taking place your whole body became feminant and petite ad your hair grew and cast expanded. Once the process was complete you felt like a woman, studenly in a pink shirt, bra and short shorts. As you explore your body you open your shirt to see juicy gorgeous boobs. As you inspect this you expect a sense of fear and confusion but all you find is a lust. An unimaginable thirst to fill that new pussy in your crotch. You have accepted that you are now Tory. And many a man will feel breasts you look at now.


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