Young people

Randall adjusted his shorts in the mirror and considered turning his hat around. ‘Hey there sexy homeboy, you wanna watch me do a twerk?’

Was he saying that right? After two years of scheming, the reality of being a healthy 19 year-old girl was the one part of his plan that he had not considered. Success had been such a distant dream, especially in all of those meetings with his well-meaning lawyer as he organised to have Jamie inherit the entirety of his fortune. It was amazing how many ways the man had tried to say ‘gold digger’ without actually speaking those words.

Randall’s body may have been failing but his mind certainly wasn’t. He knew from the second he met Jamie that all she wanted was his money. And he was happy to oblige, though on terms she wasn’t aware of. Randall pulled his shirt down to cover his boobs a little more. Could he wear this to a nightclub? He was a little out of touch with young people and their fashion these days. Just as well he had all the time in the world to get used to it.


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