I Volunteer

‘Touch them if you want, soldier. I can assure you they’re real.’

Private Freeman gulped as he reached out to poke the gigantic breast that the Corporal exposed to him.

‘And that’s a sixteen inch waist if you’re wondering by the way. Medicine didn’t think you could fit organs into a frame this small but they were wrong about that and a lot of other things besides.’ Corporal Webb pulled his t-shirt back over his boobs. ‘But I will give the men in white coats credit for one thing: their pills do work. The spike in sexual appetite and drop in cognitive function have been stalled. They’re no closer to combating the physical effects of the bio-weapon but the mental ones have been nipped in the bud. So there you go. There’s your full disclosure. You still willing to volunteer for this program?’

Freeman stood gawping, trying to find the words to respond. He had heard rumors about the enemy’s bio-weapons and something about a “bimbo gas” but he thought it was all bull. But here he was talking to Corporal James Webb who now appeared to be a 20 year-old very female bombshell. He considered what life might be like for someone who looked like that, both in the army and after it.

‘Yes sir. Anything to help the cause.’


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