Wow !!! These Really Feel Great!!!

My sister needed help taking care of “being in 2 places at once…” so I told her I would help if I could, knowing full well that I couldn’t be a copy of her. She said ” Really??? You would do that for me?” I said “Yeah…” She said “Just a minute…” In about five minutes she was back with a lacy little number that didn’t look like it would cover much. She said “Here, Hold this…” She handed me the outfit and a funny looking medallion. As I touched it, I got a shock, like a static electricity shock. All at once I could feel my body start to change…my hair got longer and turned blonde, I shrunk in height and began to get thinner. I could fell my body rearranging from my chest to my hip area. My chest was swelling as my waist shrunk in. My butt plumped up and my dick inverted into a vagina! “Oh My God!” I said in my now higher octave voice. My sister said” Now you look like me and sound like me, so lets see if I can get you passable as a female besides looks…”


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