insta-sexswap photoshop

Matt was always a tech savy guy. He knew how computers worked, plain and simple. Whenever a knew application or system would come out he’d get it. In this particular case, he was updating a photoshop app.

Upon installation, he already noticed the new features. And he approved of them most, but one really stood out to him. He noticed a new feature called, “insta-sexswap” and it did exactly what it sounded like. Matt inserted a picture of his friend Josh and he was turned into a girl version of himself on the screen. He tried it again with friends from both sexes. Matt had just thought about putting a picture of himself in.

He dragged the photo to the right tab, and pressed enter. He saw himself change into a female version of himself. Matt actually thought he was quite good looking. He brought his left hand up from his lap to his desk, but on the way it came into contact with something bouncy on his chest. He lowered his hand back to his chest and started feeling. “Ahhhh- ooo…. I like this…. So if I changed into a girl, I should go and check out how Hailey is doing” and the new Maura smirked off into the distance.


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