The little bell above the door alerted the staff about my arrival into their small institution. It was out of a whim that I entered.
“Hello! Welcome! I´ll be with ya soon”, a woman yelled from the back. Fiften seconds later she moved away the curtain from the doorway. A young woman of twentyfive with raven black hair greeted me with a dazzling smile and kind eyes. “Hello there. What can I help you with?”
“Um. I would want a massage. One hour. Do you have a spot in the schedule right away?”
Her eyes contemplated me intensly for a couple of seconds with her chin resting on her knuckles. She nodded. “I think I can squeeze you in”, she uttered in a serious tone. The very next moment she was all chirpy and glad when she told me where to undress and where the bed was. I thanked her.

I had just lied down on the bed and covered my up with the towel when the raven haired woman entered the room. She lit a couple of scented candles and put on some tranquil music.
A couple of spurts of oil into her hands later she began to knead my back like a pro.
“How are you feeling?”, she asked with a concerned voice.
“Good. Continue doing that”, I answered.
“No, you know what I mean. How are you really feeling?”
I was quiet for a moment. I don´t know what came over me but I felt safe and relaxed in there so I told her. “My girlfriend of three years left me when she found out that my job was downsizing and I had to go. I will lose the house, the car and much of the stuff me bought together, it´s all going to be sold. We will split the money but it feels like my life have went into a dead-end”. I sighed loudly after having said that. It was like an rock dropping from my chest.
The woman, the masseuse, steadied herself on my back when she leaned forward and spoke softly into my ear: “What if I can give you a new life?”
“Can you? If so I would be grateful”. There was something about her that made me trust her.
“Just relax and concentrate yourself on the music and on the smells. I will take care off the rest”, she purred.
Birdsong and flutes, the smell of cinnamon. Strong hands working my back. Those are the things I remember before passing out.

The warm rays of he sun woke me up. At once I felt fantastically refreshed and re-vitalized. I hadn´t have this kind of energy in years. So I sat straight up and immediately noticed that something had happened to me.

I sat there in silence and watched my female flesh. It-it felt wonderful but still so alien. I wasn´t used to having things sticking out from my chest. Or having a void in my groin. The body I had was beautiful, I was not denying that at all, but I wasn´t used to it.
*Knock Knock*
“Um. Come in”. I heard my voice for the first time.
The head of the young raven haired woman poked into the room. “Good morning! Slept well I see”
“Yeah. I think so”. I was quiet for a couple of seconds, gathering my courage. “Why am I a woman?”, I asked her.
“I could see her in you”. she said, and continued: “I could see that you also felt miserable, devastated of losing everything you fought so hard for acquaring. You felt that your life was over and hadn´t you come in here you would have ended it yourself. Instead I gave you a new life to live”.
His eyes fell down onto his naked body again. A new life? As a girl? He realized that he had gotten a second chance and decided to take it.
“So, what´s your name, stranger?”, the raven haired woman asked with a kind smile.
“Lily. I´ve always liked that name. Call me Lily”.
“Hello Lily. Welcome to the world”.

If you feel downtrodden and sad. Visit a massage parlor and maybe even you can get an “happy ending”.


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