Work Out Plan

I was a bit of a recluse because I was out of shape, but this year I had started a workout series that promised to get me beach ready by summer. They even shipped me a free swimsuit at the end of the 90 day work out!

Having made it through the 90 days, I was feeling good about myself. I received the package in the mail and was excited to see how buff I looked.

The bottoms were kind of small…and even weirder it came with a top half. The instructions said that this had to be worn for the after picture of the workout results. So I put it on. I suddenly felt woozy and weird aches were coming from all over my body, but this only lasted for 30 seconds or so. When I looked up to take my “after 90 days” picture, I realized what had changed. At first I was extremely upset. But damn I was hot. Wait…why was I thinking that….

My phone beeped with a text message from my friend Ryan.
“Hey babe, can’t wait to see how hot you look at the beach today ;)”

New memories rushed in. I couldn’t wait to show off my results to Ryan- my boyfriend. I texted him back.
“<3 you babe. Here is a sneak peek. This S R US Workout plan was great!”

If we could only find a secluded spot on the beach, I may give him a show…and more


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