The Next Morning

Henry woke up to a big surprise the morning after the party. He had been treated girls at the party like pieces of meat all evening and night at the party, and one girl in particular had some special talents so to speak. She casted a short spell on him, so that the next day he would pay in a way he would learn a lesson, a life long lesson at that, as it was permanent!

As Harry pulled up his new pantyhose gazing over his two new boobs, horrified, he realized they were pushing up against not a cock, but his new pussy lips! The feel of his face being framed by silken strands, and covered in heavy makeup sunk in next, as he felt the waxiness and tasted the lip gloss on his new much fuller lips! He found his belly button pierced also, but the two things that really were strange was having boobs and a pussy! He felt softer all around and much shorter. He was about to scream, but then the girl walked in… the one that did this to him.

“Henry, you bastard, or should I say bitch now? You deserve this. You treated us girls all like trash, ruining the party for some of us. Well, I won’t let you do that any longer. Now you are going to learn what it feels like to be treated this way. You are a hot sexy brunette, and guys will want to hit on you like crazy at parties or anywhere else for that matter! You will understand what it’s like to be treated like an object and ridiculed when you turn them down. Enjoy your new life Tabatha! That’s your new name now. In fact I changed reality with that one spell, and everyone but you and I will only know you as Tabatha, Tabatha Lipps, that is. Nice name huh? It’s yours now, and my you have such wonderful lips I must say, both sets that is! Hopefully you don’t use them on a guy too soon, but I gave you new urges also, you are attracted to men now, like many of us girls are. Only, like us, you will be trying to find a decent man, and end up with awful guys like the one you were, who you have to fight off, and turn down. Have a nice life Ms. Lipps! Enjoy your lips!”

The new Tabatha started to cry, asking why, realizing just how different her voice now was to match her new body! She looked at her iphone, and it was no longer black, but white, with a pink bedazzled case around it, and it was “blowing up” with calls from all her former friends wanting a piece of ass… her ass!


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