Witch’s Temper

I should have warned my friend from out of state about my towns local magic population. I had thought it wouldn’t have been necessary; he’s really all bark and no bite. Steve might make an ass of himself every now and then, but he never really needed my help to keep him out of trouble.

We stopped by one of my favorite watering holes on friday for a casual drink. They tended to stock pricier craft brews, but I was a firm believer in making sure my first drink of the night was the best one. I nudged Steve and gestured down the bar to a woman sitting on her own in black, drinking an ink black beverage from an ornate crystal goblet. “Figure’d I’d give you a heads up before the night gets too out of hand, you see her down there? Well, she’s a witch.”

“What’s that?” Steve said, raising his voice to be sure to be heard over the music. “Yeah I see what you mean. Drinking out of that thing, who does she think she is. You’re right, she must be a bitch!”

The music cut out at the absolute WORST possible time. Alright, relax, maybe she didn’t hear him. Casually, I look back over to her. She is staring at Steve with a white hot fury. Slowly, she shifts her gaze to me, and becomes the picture of calm. “Well now. Is that what I am?” She asked, in a perfectly casual tone. Fuck, this is terrifying. “Marcus, can I?”

The bartender glanced up, “If he really said what the other claims, then I’m not going to stop you Morgana.”

She let the slightest trace of a smirk cross her lips. I was so transfixed with fear, staring into her eyes, that I didn’t notice the smoke pooling beneath my bar stool until it had coalesced into thick tendrils and snaked itself around my legs. I looked down in shock, and the faster I fought the faster it worked its way over me. Before I knew it, it had worked its way up to my neck and started forcing it’s way down my throat. I tried to scream, but opening my mouth just gave it a wider opening to poor in. It was hopeless trying to stop it. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t move. My whole body tingled like I had just been plunged into a warm bath after spending all night in a snow bank.

Finally, the torrent of smoke rushing down my throat began to slow, and the shroud of haze around my body started to dissipate. Looking down, I was shocked to see a girls body. Not a bombshell, but definitely a woman. I was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, casual flats, and a t shirt that was tight enough to display my slight feminine curves and modest B cup breasts. I suppose I should count myself lucky. Some of these witches are all gung ho to turn guys into total sex pots. Still, this was too much.

Before I could react, Steve grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out the door. He pushed me in the passenger side of his car and hopped in the drivers seat. “I am so sorry man, I had no idea. I guess you were saying witch? Look, I’ll go in and explain myself. She’s gotta fix this, it wasn’t your fault…”

“NO!” I caught him. Having seen the way Morgana looked at him, I knew he’d just make things worse. “She’s still mad with you. I can handle this myself. You get out of here in case she decides you need punishing too.” I jumped out of the car, catching a last glimpse of my new face before I left. Short brown hair, and a face just like my sister’s. I don’t know what I was expecting.


Steve paced back and forth back at his friend’s place. He really hadn’t meant to get Calvin in this much trouble. Hell, he’d feel bad if it was a normal girl he’d called a bitch and pissed off. He really had to work on his verbal filter. Grabbing his phone, he sent another nervous message to Calvin. He’d been waiting for almost 6 hours, that couldn’t be good.

Finally, he got a snapchat from Calvin. Thank god, the man lives! He opened it up, and was greeted with a picture of a stunning topless blonde he didn’t recognize. She was giving one of those smiles so wide it pushed her eyes shut. Although, in the 10 seconds he had the photo, Steve didn’t spend much time looking at her face. She was using a manicured hand to cover up some of the finest tits Steve had ever had sent to him. So that’s where Calvin got to, he found himself a girl after sorting things out with the witch. Well, it was nice of him to share, although not super classy of him.

Steve decided to shoot him a call to see what their plan was now. A couple rings and then he heard a cute girlish voice squeal “Steeeeeeeeeeeeeve”. Well, maybe Calvin’s still a little busy.

“Uh, hey. It’s Calvin’s friend. Can you put him on?”

“Sure, one moment.” Steve heard some shuffling in the background, followed by poorly stiffled giggling, then the same voice, much louder “STEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!”

“Very funny, but I need to- wait, Calvin.”

“I think you mean Callie, but yeah?”

“I thought you said you could sort things out with the witch!”

“Oh and I could. When I first approached her, I was sooooooo nervous and tense. I kept thinking she would hurt me! Well, she gave me something to help me feel at ease, and asked my why I came back. Whatever she gave me worked, because all of a sudden I wasn’t worried at all. I told her all about how I told you she was a witch and how you misheard me. I told her how cool I think witches are and how cool she is and how I would never say anything mean to her. Oh Steve she’s such a sweetie when you get to know her. She said she was sorry and said she could show me some more magic. And, and well…” there was a fit of embarrassed giggling, “Ok, and well, you must have noticed anyway. I asked her if she knew and spells to make my boobs bigger, and she didn’t even make me ask a second time. There so big now, and super soft. Oh you just have to feel them. And then I thought about what it would be like to be smaller, and she did that too. I’m 5’2″ now! No more worrying about being taller than my date! And my face is super super cute now. Oh and my hair! And my, oh, you’re a guy, this is all probably way boring for you. But I haven’t even told you the best part. She agreed to teach me magic! I’m going to be a witch just like Morgana!”

“Jeez man, she really did a number on you. Listen, I’m heading back there. I need to help you out with-“

“Ooooooh I know! I’ve got so many things I need your help with right now. First things first, get to the Salem Inn, room 403, and help me finish these bottles of wine. We can figure the rest out from there.”


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