The Change Chamber

Henry and Frank were thrown into the Change Chamber for failing the crime boss Jeffrey. His punishment was how should we say, unique. He transformed his men into curvy ultra busty chicks to sell for sex, since they “failed him as men, they would repay him as women.”

Henry and Frank teamed up however, and flung Jeffrey in as they got out locking him in! We see Frank here re-enter the chamber after the results were complete. The tough crime boss Jeffrey was now a curvaceous busty blonde chick, and Frank was even rough with “her” now, shoving her up against the glass, telling her he and Henry were now the bosses of the crime syndicate. Later they chained his boobs to a pole and sold him for sex to a horny bald hairy fat businessman.

This businessman had a huge peter though, and Henry and Frank knew it was well worth the risk, when the former crime boss was heard in one of the syndicate’s VIP rooms yelling in her new voice once her “man for the evening” entered her new vagina for the first time!


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