Greg sat on the couch waiting as his mother finished the spell. He was mostly eager to go back to being a teenage boy. Mostly.When his mother stopped, she looked at him and cocked her head to the side. Greg looked down. His boobs, the thing he would miss most about being a girl, were still there. His mother let out a long sigh and sat down across from him, a look of worry on her face. The expression on her face made Greg nervous and he started breathing faster.“Greg,” His mother said and it was weird to hear her say his name instead of “Grace”, “Is there anything you’d like to tell me?”“Like what?” Greg said nervously.“Like, did you and any of your friends do anything since I turned you into a girl for picking on your sister?” His mom asked.Greg’s breathing became more rapid as he remembered the sheer volume of things he’d done with his friends. He hadn’t meant to, not at first anyways…“They always wore a condom.” Greg said in a tiny voice.“That’s good sweety.” His mother said as nonjudgmentally as she could, “But did they do anything else?”“Like what?” Greg asked, trembling. He wasn’t about to recount to his mother all the stuff they’d done. It was just too embarrassing. He’d been a guy chasing skirts just a month ago. Then his mom turned him into a girl and his buddies started chasing him! He finally let one of them touch his boobs after a week of asking. It felt good. Really good. So she let him jerk off while he played with them and she fingered herself. It had become a slippery (literally and figuratively) slope from there, as “Grace” tried out just about every sexual act she could think of with the help of her very eager friends. “Did you swallow a lot of semen?” His mother asked. Greg’s eyes went wide and his mouth drooped open.“Why didn’t you tell me not to do that!? Now I’m going to be stuck as a girl forever!” Greg shouted and started crying.“Shh, calm down sweety. You liked it didn’t you?” His mother said.“I guess.” Greg said between sobs, half lying. She’d liked it a lot.“Well then don’t worry. Maybe this was all for the best. I hope you’ll be careful though. You don’t want to end up pregnant as a teenager.”“Oh my god…” Greg grumbled and leaned back in the chair. There had been a risk before of course, his mother had warned him about it, hence the condoms during sex. Now it was something she’d have to worry about forever!“There there, it’s ok dear.” His mother said and sat down beside her new daughter, putting her arm around her. She hadn’t actually cast the reversal spell of course. She’d suspected Greg had been fooling around a lot with his friends and this was the easiest way to get him to admit that. Plus, Grace really was a much better daughter than son, aside from all the screwing around. At least she used condoms thought. And if Grace had really enjoyed sex that much, she’d just get depressed when she went back to being Greg.Really the lie created a win win situation for the both of them.


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