The Shoe on the Other Foot

Andy admired his teacher, Leona Fox, and wanted to get with her for a long time. He especially had a thing for feet, and would admire hers in class many times. When the Great Shift hit is town, he would get his chance to admire them all he wanted, they were his now! He was stunned to be in her body, and was gradually unclothing her, seeing new surprises as he went. She had a great body for a mature woman, which he assumed she did under her clothes. He loved her feet still, even though they were his now, and thought they looked sexy in the heels and the stockings.The new woman, after checking out the new boobs and new pussy, took a heel off to get a better look, and to let her foot dry off it was a bit sweaty, probably from being in that shoe all day at school. He loved the aroma of his foot, and proceeded to take off the other shoe. Soon he was sniffing his new feet and sucking on his toes in the hose. Little did he know her hubby snuck in quietly and unzipped, turned on be seeing his wife doing this. Much to Andy, now Leona’s shock, a huge dick flopped on her head from behind, and she turned around instantly seeing her new man.Andy should have been put off by this, but she was actually turned on at the sight of her hubby and his huge member. She was getting the feelings of her teacher, and she began to suck as she took the cock in her dainty hands, embracing her new body and husband. Andy would have some adjusting to do, as many others would in town, but he thought he got the better deal.


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