The best sex position

I regretted having said that he wanted to try kinky sex positions. I didn’t think by kinky my girlfriend meant brining in her ex boyfriend, turn me into ‘his’ dream girl, and watch the two of his boyfriend fuck.I was powerless against the spells she cast on me and the brawn of the ex boyfriend. I was naked brunette, ready for a pleasure. The ex boyfriend smirked, and got prepared to make me his girl.And he proposed a game: whoever cums the first gets to be the permanent sex slave for the rest of his life. Although doubtful, I agreed because girls are harder to cum. Or so I thought. I didn’t know the spell also included me transforming into easy cumming whore, who had orgasm as soon as I was touched. Now that I’ve become the permanent sex slave, my girlfriend decided to get back together with her ex. Although there was a reason he was an ex. He decided to dump my girlfriend for me and thanked her for her spell work.


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