Who’s responsible for that?

“Come on Clair, you sure you don’t know anything” Ryan asked his friend.
“No! What makes you think so. Do you really think that i wished for us to swap bodies” Clair was angry about suspecting her.
“Ok, im sorry, it’s just that im scared. we can’t be stuck like this” Ryan looked at his friend’s pregnant body which he was now in.
“I know it’s hard, but i know you can handle it” Clair comforted him.
“Let’s hope it won’t be long” Ryan sighed.
Clair was feeling awful for lying to her friend but this was for the best. When she got pregnant she knew she won’t be able to raise a child. She was looking desperately for a solution until she found a body swap spell. She used it on her friend Ryan, If there was anyone who could make it it was him.
He had strong will, he was carrying and responsible the complete opposite of Clair. He was the only person Clair would entrust her baby. Of course Ryan would never agree to that so she keep it a secret hoping that Ryan will quickly come to terms with his new life.
Ryan Had other thoughts. There were plenty of other things he planned to do rather than becoming a mother at the age of 16. Million questions crossed his mind when he imagined his future in Clair’s body. If this is permament then he’d better be prepared for everything.
“Hey! Snap out of it” Clair shook his arm.
“Oh… I just lost myself” Ryan got back to reality.
“So we are going acording to our plan. We pretend to be eachother no matter what until we can find a way to go back”
“Sounds good” Ryan agreed.
“Now we should go back to our homes. And lets hope we get back to our bodies quickly” Clair faked a smile and went her way.
Ryan took a deep breath and embraced his belly. “Time to get some rest. It was a long day” Ryan waddled slowly to Clair’s house unaware of the truth.


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