I used to be doing what he’s doing..

Oooooh mmmmm this feels so good. Being fucked is quite something!!!

Feeling these big tits bounce around as this guys cock pistons in and out of me, it’s hard to believe that I was once doing what he is doing now.

I used to have a cock all of my own you see. I used to be the one thrusting away, feeling my cock throb and pulsate before shooting a fat load of sperm deep inside my lady for the evening.

However, as pleasurable as that was, I knew I was missing out on more. I knew that the women I screwed were having a much greater time of it.

And it made me so very jealous. I wanted to have what they were having.

After years of searching I found the way to get it. I morphed myself into this picture of feminity right here.

And now finally, here I lay, legs akimbo as my man thrusts ever harder, feeling my own orgasm rise. Mmmmm this definitely is better, so very much better. I think I’m going to love being a woman!!!!


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