Common experiences//Sisterhood

“So…” Claire said as she approached Michele, “It’s been awhile Mike.”

Michele blinked and turned to the face of the woman who’d approached behind her, “Clark? Holy shit. I guess you couldn’t figure out a way to undo your experiment either.”

“Yeah, but then I can’t say I tried for that long. Looks like you figured out some of the upsides to being female as well.” Claire said and looked down at Michele’s belly, “Maybe a few weeks before me. Guess you were the cleverer one.”

“Oh.” Michele said and glanced quickly down at her belly, “Yeah…”

“So who’s the baby daddy?” Claire asked.

“Umm, I don’t know.” Michele said and blushed, “After I, um, figured out the joys of womanhood, I kinda started fucking every guy I knew. By the time I bothered to think about birth control it was a bit late.”

Claire nodded, “Yeah, that’s pretty much my story too. I figured I should keep the baby though, really go through the female experience. I’m gonna write a book about it.”

“Hey me too!” Michele said, “Man, I guess we sure have a lot in common now that we’re both chicks.”

Claire shrugged, “We probably did before too, but were too blinded by our stupid little rivalry to notice. It would explain a lot.”

“Yeah, right?” Michele replied.

The two of them spent the rest of the party catching up and talking about all they’d experienced since their stupid bet had blown up in each of their faces. Talking about being a woman, wearing dresses and make up, periods (which neither of them had actually experienced for obvious reasons), flirting with guys, and which were the best lay. They both had always ran in similar crowds so there was a lot of overlap. They joked about how their kids might be sisters.

They kept in touch and later ended up coauthoring that book and living together as sister moms. They joked about lezzing out, but they each knew they were straight as arrows. Of course they both ended up pregnant again. They’d end up with quite a brood of kids, sharing everything together like real sisters.


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