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My sister was making herself ready for a night on the dance floors with her girlfriends. Myself I just had got hold of something that looked like a toy gun but was in fact a Costume Gun. Hit someone with its ray and they instantly becomes a wearable suit, or so the booklet that came with it say.
I had immersed myself in my reading of all the cool stuff the costume gun made possible when my sister barged in to my room demanding me to lend her money. Startled and with the finger on the trigger I accidentaly shot her. Her body deflated in less than a second and became a pile of clothing and skin on the floor. Read more

Bartenders choice

Finally Rick had hauled his sorry ass out of the apartment. It wasn´t often but he ventured outside to seek human interaction in person from time to time. His usual companion was placed in the corner of his living room, namely his computer. Read more