Where I Got Them Part 7

As I had predicted, the doorbell rang shortly after I had hung up on Alyssa. I opened the door, and she stood there, clearly braless. I managed to restrain myself.
“Ugh, look at these things!” she said after she stepped inside and I closed the door. She pulled her shirt off over her head in one elegant motion, and revealed her busty chest.
“Wow,” I said. “You weren’t kidding about those things!” Her nipples, which had once been small and pale, were now large dark pancakes capping her tits, I reached forward unconsciously to touch one, but I was stopped. “No, don’t,” Alyssa said. “They’re super sensitive.” Okay then.
“You think you got it bad, look at me!” I said, gesturing to my changed body. She clearly hadn’t noticed, since her mouth hung open in surprise as she looked over my body.
“You-you’ve put on some weight, haven’t you?” she said mockingly.
“Yeah, because you spilled the bottle of oil on me!” it was hard acting angry about it. the truth was I loved my new body, and all the curves I now possessed. Alyssa started walking around me, looking at how my too-tight clothes hugged my body, leaving nothing to the imagination. “It’s not fair though,” she said. “I have these big dark things on my boobs, but you still have bigger ones!” I smirked: she was jealous of my tits.
“You can touch them, if you want…” I said subtly. She reached out, and touched one. She rubbed it slightly, but then stopped. “Can-can I…see them?”
“Of course,” I said, pulling off my thin shirt. While she was mesmerized by my chest, I removed my pants as well, exposing my big ass and birthing hips. I pulled her in closer, and put my hand to her breasts. I rubbed her nipples, and she moaned in ecstasy. I squeezed them, and she moaned louder. I looked down, and saw the front of her tight pants getting wet. I could feel the space between my own legs getting the same. She reached up, and grabbed one of my tits, holding tightly to it as she whispered “fuck me…”
I led her over to the couch, tearing off her pants as I did so, exposing her pussy to the open air. She reached down to mine, and slipped one finger inside me. I had felt my own fingers in there, but to feel somebody else’s was a new experience entirely.
We layed down on the couch, her on top of me, her tits swaying in front of my face. I lifted my head slightly, and wrapped my mouth around her nipple. I sucked. She moaned louder still. I reached my hand up to tease her other nipple, and with my free hand I reached down between her legs. Within moments I had her orgasming, and shortly after she made me do the same.
That was when Alyssa went from being my best friend, to being my girlfriend.


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