What will we have for tonight?

“Dude. I want to go out and get something. You on?”, Eric asked his buddy Jamal.

“Sure bro. What ya have in mind?”

“I was thinking something exotic, with a healthy amount of meat to it”.

Jamal pondered his options for a while. “I`ll think I´ll go white meat today. We go downtown or the mall by the way?”

“Downtown. More to chose from”

“Cool with me, bro”


“Over there!”, Jamal pointed, “I think we have found what we were looking for”, he said with a wry smile.
They had a suitable target in their sight and began to approach it.
When they were close enough they gave each other a discreet nod, the signal for them to take on their ghostly forms.
As apparitions of light they entered the couple they had their sights on, an asian woman and her caucasian boyfriend.
Eric went into the woman, as agreed beforehand, and Jamal entered the man.
The couple felt a cold and chilling sensation touching their skin just before everything went black.

“Wow, this bitch is stacked!”
Onlookers from the other side of the pavement could see an woman playing around with her breasts just in front of them, which caught quite the commotion. Wifes made their men look the other way, men tried to look anyway.
Jamal thought it was a letdown from his usual body but he liked the change of pace when coming into a new body.
The pair hurried back to the apartment.

“Gngh. Oh, yeah. Just like that”, Eric moaned from his female body.
“Come on woman, get into it. You know I like roleplaying. Do the part”.
“Rike this? Me be Kimiko for you”.
“Yeah baby, that will be perfect”, Jamal growled.
“Me like fucking like dog. Fuck mee, fuck mee”.
Jamal grunted as he rammed his dick into “Kimiko´s” pussy over and over. This body could have looked better underneath the clothes, but it sure had stamina.


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