Nate wanted to play a varsity sport in college. Specifically, he wanted to play volleyball. Unfortunately for Nate, the college he was attending may have been small, but volleyball was one of the bigger sports on campus. The school wasn’t very large and knew full well that there was no way they could compete with larger, richer schools in major sports such as football or basketball so they focused on other sports. As a result the school focused on other, more minor sports.

The men’s team was completely full up. Nate still wanted to play, though, so he was discretely pointed to a girl named Bailey. Who was, of course, a witch. She had a plan to help out. Nate, of course, wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he wanted to play. The girl’s team was down a player after Lisa had broken her leg in a skiing accident. So……

Natalia shrugged. She didn’t really like this uniform……guys kept staring at her butt. But hey, at least she was a starter.


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