What Next?

Jade and Jeff were stunned at what just happened. They were arguing about Jeff’s porn sessions online, when one of the sites she opened of his flashed. Call it chance or on purpose, but apparently they swapped to better understand each other.

Jade found herself in Jeff’s horny male body, noticing she was now like what she seen on the site! She was still stunned from being a man now, but noticed the site in a whole new way. Jeff on the other hand, was stunned to suddenly be female, with the long hair, boobs and pussy, not to mention wearing black pantyhose with short shorts. He often thought his girlfriend had a quirky fashion sense, and now he was in that quirky fashion as her! He also noticed he wasn’t interested in porn, but more in his former body! He was actually attracted to his former male body.

They were now both experiencing what each other felt as each other. They tried and tried to swap back on the site, but to no avail. It turns out the swap was permanent, so they would have to make the best of it. Jeff even started to like what he was wearing, and was rubbing his legs, admiring how great they looked in shorts and pantyhose. He was gaining Jade’s fashion sense as well as desires.

Now Jeff was nagging Jade to get off the computer and be with him, they were now in each other’s place and would learn how the other felt for the rest of their days. More desperate than Jade was, however, Jeff took the next step, closed the laptop on Jade, and pulled out her new cock, beginning the sucking process! Jade was a bit put off getting her porn shut off, but was being taken in by the new sensation of being a man getting a bj from a hot woman.


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