Spa resort

I can’t believe i’m swinning my boobs, because i used to be a man before going to this spa. I received a free lifetime membership to this new spa place just 15 min drive from my appartment. But their was a catch. The big breasted receptionist said that as long as i was in the spa i would swap bodies with one of the employes. I didn’t belief it but sarcasticly said that I would like to swap with her. She said:” Ok sir, i will guide you to the bodyswap machine. I will go in the other chamber of the machine and activate the swap. Have a lovely day here at the spa.” I followed her. I had to undress and enter a room. Next I heared the womans voice trough the intercom say:” Everthing ready to swap our bodies. Enjoy your womanhood in 1 2 3 ..” I blacked out. When i woke up I had boobs. This is a very unique experience. Then i heard a knock on the door and my old body walked in and said :” I will be in the office in the back. If you want to swap back just come see me but dont forget to wear a bikini when leaving this sauna. If you like to stay in my body for more than this day, come see me too. We can arrange something. Have a lovely day. Oh and one more thing their is a dildo in the top left drawer of the desk. Just to let you know.” I smiled ad her in my body and put on the bikini.

After the day I swapped back and came back the next day to swap back with her but that time we didn’t swap back. I could not give up such a great body.


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