What happened?

I was just hanging with my friends and playing some basketball, when all of the sudden a bright flash appeared in my vision. Next thing I know I am laying down in the sand at a beach. I quickly noticed that this wasn’t my body, and that I was speaking a foreign language. I checked in what appeared to be my bag for an I.D. and apparently I am a 23 year old girl named Catalina. I managed to find my way to the apartment of this girl. While the apartment is nice, I have to deal with this woman’s boyfriend Juan who stops by everyday. I don’t mind him being around, I actually enjoy it. And yes, I’ll get this out of the way, we do have sex. As much as I thought I wouldn’t like a man on top of me, I enjoy even more than when I was a man with a woman. Its the orgasms that are better. they lasts so much longer and feel amazing! This life is going to take some adjusting, whether its the fact that I live in another country now, or that every aspect of my life is different as a woman. I’m sure I am going to enjoy this life.


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