The rings

We have been married for 10 years. We wanted to have a child, but we couldn’t, my wife had a bad surgery that left her unable to get pregnant, and I had low sperm count due to some poisoning I suffered a long time ago.

Nine months ago was my birthday. She got me a new ring she bought from a thrift store. It looked kind of girly, but I wore it anyways. Then my wife took another ring out, and she put it on her finger. That ring looked more like a man’s ring, but I didn’t say anything. In no time, my body transformed into copy of her, and she was transformed into a copy of me. Although we were in each others bodies, we looked 10 years younger. “shit!” My wife said in my body, “I must have mixed the rings. They were supposed to fix us, so we could get pregnant”. My reaction was to take immidiately take it off. “No! don’t take it off” my wife said. The ring desintegrated in my hand.

I paused for a couple of seconds, I knew I used to be a man before, but I was getting dirty thoughts, I must have him right now, I kept thinking. My wife, now my husband, was trying to fight it, “get off me! we have to fix this!” he kept saying. So I took the ring of his hand and saw how it desintegrated too. He paused for a couple of seconds, and then kissed me passionately, we had sex that night, It felt like the spark was back on.

A month later I missed my period. I took a home test, and found I was pregnant! We couldn’t be happier, especially since a visit to the doctor later we found out we were expecting two baby girls.


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