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A Deal

I had two options. Go to prison, or sign up for an “experiment.” Of course I chose option #2 as I wasn’t gonna be in prison for 10 years. I wasn’t told what I’d be doing. All they told me was that I was going to go to sleep for a few weeks and wake up feeling a little different. A little different was quite the understatement. See that girl in the picture? That was me for 1 year. Basically, in order to keep the prisoners calm, I was used as a “toy” for them. I stripped, sucked, and bent over for those prisoners. Sounds bad right? Well not quite. See the body I was given was one of a very slutty girl. The more I look back on it, the more I laugh as to how obsessed I was with sex. My God I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This made my job a lot easier. Ultimately I think I made the right choice. The only downside is that while I am no longer “playful” as you could say, I still am carrying around this body. But in reality, I kinda miss being that way. Heck, I wouldn’t mind going back for 9 more years if they were spent as Daisy instead of Matt.

The Garden

It was said to be a magical place. A place where one can start anew. The Garden was a place for sinners to start over. Legend has it that those who truly wanted forgiveness would enter the Garden to be “reborn.” The people of the forest described what happened there as something that only the gods could be responsible for. There are very few remaining artifacts of The Garden, but there are still the stories. The most famous being that of a man named Balbus. Balbus was seen as the devil himself. He was cruel, devious, and a sworn enemy to the common good. The man, who was not a believer, entered The Garden deep in the forest in an attempt to destroy it. As he was walking, a bright light had blinded him. Before he fainted, he heard a voice say, “The Cruel and Wicked becomes the Gentle and Loving.” When he woke up, he was in the body of a woman. Before he could question anything he once again heard a voice. “Be reborn my child of the garden.” All of the sudden, he felt a sense of peace. He was not angry at the gods, but instead he prayed to them. He was now She, and she was clothed in what appeared to be a dress of fine silk often worn by the Sisters of Ailania who are known throughout the land as missionaries and caretakers. She became famous throughout the land for her good deeds and was known as Laurlia the Gentle. As time passed, Laurlia became a legend of a magical world. And while The Garden was lost in time, a woman was not.

What happened?

I was just hanging with my friends and playing some basketball, when all of the sudden a bright flash appeared in my vision. Next thing I know I am laying down in the sand at a beach. I quickly noticed that this wasn’t my body, and that I was speaking a foreign language. I checked in what appeared to be my bag for an I.D. and apparently I am a 23 year old girl named Catalina. I managed to find my way to the apartment of this girl. While the apartment is nice, I have to deal with this woman’s boyfriend Juan who stops by everyday. I don’t mind him being around, I actually enjoy it. And yes, I’ll get this out of the way, we do have sex. As much as I thought I wouldn’t like a man on top of me, I enjoy even more than when I was a man with a woman. Its the orgasms that are better. they lasts so much longer and feel amazing! This life is going to take some adjusting, whether its the fact that I live in another country now, or that every aspect of my life is different as a woman. I’m sure I am going to enjoy this life.

A Wish Come True

Andrew had never quite been a tough guy. He was never really into sports, and for the most part grew up with girls as friends. He always felt more comfortable around them. As a result, Andrew was in touch with his feminine side. When Andre was 16, he realized he wanted to be a girl. He would cross dress when he was alone, and fantasize about being a woman. He loved women’s clothing, ranging from the heels to the dresses. He knew he would never have the money to get a real sex change, but he wished every night, asking that he could have a life as a woman, and that he would have always had that life as if his life as a boy never existed. He was too embarrassed to tell his friends and family his secrets. When Andrew was on his own, he bought women clothing and a silicon mask with sunglasses. This was as close as he could get to being a woman. This could only take him so far though. He knew his dream was never going to happen. Read more

A new perspective

The great switch left Jack in and placed him in lets just say, a different position. Always a rich guy who got all of the girls, he never realized how much better it could be when you are on the other side of things. He was shocked to be switched into a prostitutes body during the great shift, but he quickly got the hang of things. Sure he’d have to work to make a living now, but his work came easy to him. He was what you would call and “expert” at his job.