What did we do last night!

Justin woke up next to his best friend Ted’s mother with the taste of her pussy still in his mouth and the memories of what they did to each other last night flooding back as he set up in bed with a massive hangover.

To look at the beautiful middle aged woman lying next to him with a look of contentment on her face you would have no idea that it was really a teenage boy thanks to the great shift Ted swapped bodies with his mother and things were sort of getting back to normal.

But last night he invited his friend Justin over to play video games and drink a couple of beers.

At first it was very uncomfortable for both of them Justin did not know how to act around his friend anymore.

On the one hand his brain was telling him it was the same old person but on the other hand it was telling him that it was his friend’s mother.

But after a couple of Games of Grand Theft Auto and a couple of beers which really loosened Ted up in his mother’s body and with Justin drinking a couple too many they both started making out just for a bit of a laugh not worrying about the consequences in their drunken state.

Which led to Justin eating out Ted’s mother’s wet pussy which in turn led to Ted sucking off Justin’s hard cock before they both crawled into bed for a night of mediocre drunken sex.

Which the next morning would leave both boys a little bit embarrassed and not sure where this left their friendship.


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