Brent was amused at the size and feel of his new boobs, thinking he was just dreaming after passing out drunk at a party with his friends. What “he” didn’t realize was this was real, he was still drunk, and his girlfriend whom he left at home lying to her about being at the library, found out he was out having fun and made him this way!

As Brent’s friends advanced on him seeing his sexy body, he realized he wasn’t waking up, and as they grabbed and pawed at his ass and boobs, was getting a bit uncomfortable! He tried pinching himself, but no luck! His friend Jed unzipped his pants half drunk, ready for some hot action. Brent pushed him away, and ran out of the party screaming, boobs swaying like a bridge in an earthquake!

He got home exhausted, his back hurting from the weight, and his girlfriend was there smiling.

“Going to the library, huh, Brent, or should I say BRENDA now? Why don’t you go back to the party and have fun with your friends like you wanted to babe? What you don’t want to now that you are a piece of meat to them? Well, TO BAD! I’m leaving you, have fun with your boy toys, because that’s all you have now, and I’m sure they don’t want you for your charm either! Maybe for your, er, CHARMS on your chest though! Have fun being a 32M cup slut. I’m leaving you, enjoy your new vagina, they only way you are getting cock back is to be with a man, have a nice life,” his girlfriend said taking her bags and leaving the new Brenda dumbfounded, and freaking out in the mirror at her busty new form!


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