Wendy Peters

Tad was laughing after telling a girl that turned him down for sex at the party to “suck it”. She knew magic, and her eyes glowed, making Tad change into a blonde chick. His smile would soon fade.

“Why don’t you ‘suck it’ Wendy,” said the girl, smiling.

Tad, now Wendy looked down at HER strange feeling new body, and screamed seeing her boobs, flat crotch, and pantyhose clad legs with cute flats! Wendy realized she was a girl now, and having long hair, boobs, a pussy felt weird along with having his legs encased in silky soft pantyhose as well!

Then one of Wendy’s buds approached her saying, “Hey Wendy Peters, want to suck my peter?”

Wendy’s heart sank realizing her big mouth got her into trouble, and now her big mouth might end up being used for something else before the night was over!


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