Weird Summer

This is so weird. My mom offered to buy me a car, but in exchange I had to swap bodies with her for the entire summer. Apparently her grandmother had left her a book of spells that she always threatened to use, but neither me nor my sister ever believed her.

“You want to swap bodies with me?” I asked incredulously.
“I want to be young again, I want to see what its like as a guy. Being a mom can get pretty exhausting and I could use a vacation.” She reasoned.
“How do you plan to do that?”
“With my spellbook of course” She said with a smile.

I rolled my eyes and agreed because I knew it wouldn’t work. Until it did. The next morning I woke up in my moms bed, and in her body. I realized something was wrong when I rolled over onto two rather large breasts. As soon as I felt that, I looked around to see I was in my moms bedroom and I hopped up to look in the mirror. Looking back was my mom, or at least her face, which was now my face.

Wearing only a pink nightgown, I rushed downstairs, feeling my boobs bounce with each step which felt super strange, but not as strange as the absence between my legs or even the idea that I now had my moms vagina. In the kitchen I found my mom in my body eating cereal.

“Hey mom!” She said with a mouthful of cereal.
“Don’t call me that! Oh my god, I can’t believe you did this!” I said, hearing my mothers voice come from my mouth.
“Hey, you agreed, not my fault if you didn’t believe me.”
“This is crazy.” I said sitting down, noticing I had more cushion due to my bigger butt. “I don’t think a car is worth it.”
“Well… unfortunately the spell is on a timer meaning… we can’t swap back until September.”
“What?? Seriously??” I shrieked.
“What? Can’t handle being a woman?” My mom teased.
“No, I can’t!”
“Well, get used to it because for the next three months you have a vagina. Then when school starts you’ll have your penis back AND a car!”
“Don’t be gross, mom!” I said, storming off, feeling awkward and unable to control my body’s feminine gait or the jiggling of my breasts.

That was yesterday. Since then I’ve dressed, showered, and gone to the bathroom as my mom and the strangeness hasn’t gone down at all. When mom told me that she expects me to treat her body well and that I had yoga this afternoon, I was really anxious. When I got to the gym I almost went into the men’s dressing room by mistake. Luckily no one was in the women’s when I went so I didn’t need to change in front of people. The clothes my mom told me to wear included a pair of yoga pants that made my ass look even bigger, and a sports bra that made my tits look even bigger. I did find the support from the bra pleasant, but I was so nervous to go out and do yoga dressed like this that my nipples got hard. I didn’t want to go out until they went down, so here I am waiting for my nipples to go soft in my moms body. This is going to be the weirdest summer ever.


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