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Me Again

You’d be surprised. I know I was. When I was told it was governement regulation to become a girl for six months and it was my turn I was dissapointed but I was also accepting. After all, everyone had to do it.
What surprised me was how it felt. I assumed as well as most that the biggest difference would be having nothing between your legs and in turn having a vagina and sitting to pee. If it wasn’t that I’d presumed the long hair or breasts. But it wasn’t. Not at all.
Women are built differently to men. Well, we all know that. Particually out back though. Men don’t have hips and rears like women. That was what I found to be the biggest difference. I have two huge jelly-like cushions hanging off my rear with a crack to seperate. They’re unreal. My ass bounces, jiggles and wiggles as I walk. Step by step. When I sit it is a couple comforting pillows making me feel great.
To be honest, I’m upset. It’s upsetting that I have to give my ass and the rest of my body away. It’s a shame I have to be me again.

Government Scheme

As many would know all too well, it’s not easy to find work. However, thanks to the new government scheme it’s much easier. An applicant can change their gender to suit the role courtesy of the government.
Garry and Leon applied. They became Georgina (left) and Louise (right). It didn’t take long to source work and they snapped up jobs as secretaries at the same firm.
The government assisted them greatly, not only did they give them the bodies they sorely needed but they changed their entire lives. The government provided make up lessons and lessons in feminine behaviour. They also supplied an entire closet of feminine clothing in exchange for their masculine counterparts.
They’ve both adjusted greatly. To them being female is normal. Georgina even has interest in men. She quickly made a name for herself as the office slut before settling down with a wealthy man who will no doubt one day ask her to marry. Louise on the other hand still stands by her male views and only has an interest in women however Georgina insists that she can change her mind.

Just let me take a selfie so you can remember me

When the world became overpopulated by males the government had to act. To combat this they began changing males into females.
Richie was randomly chosen to take part in the program. He was taken by a pair of government officials to a mysterious building. Here they took him into a chamber.
Then he was stripped of his clothes and left in there. Lights began to flash and the loud hum of a machine became almost deafening. Richie felt his entire body burn as he suddenly shrunk. His head felt like it was being pulled from all directions as his facial features changed and long blonde hair sprouted from his skull. Next his hips expanded which gave him womanly curves. His rear end filled which gave him great pleasure as his plump feminine ass formed. Next breasts balloned from his chest which gave him a warm and sexual feeling. Then came the final stage and the pivotal one. His penis and testicles retracted inside him to become a moist slit which formed his vagina.
The first thing Richie did when he, or she, was released was run for a mirror. She couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked with her pristine white teeth, her gorgeous green eyes, her round breasts and her tempting bum.
“What’s your new name gonna be miss?” Asked the government man who was holding a clipboard.
“That is one beautiful name for a beautiful lady Rose”
“Why thank you sir” replied Rose who was clearly humbled by the compliment.
“I guess you best be on your way miss Rose”
“No not yet I don’t want you to forget me. Let me take a selfie for you to remember me by.”
The goveenment man handed Rose a phone and she posed with a mirror in the background to ensure she got all her highlights.
“Thank you very much sir. I never thought I could love being a woman so much. Maybe you should try it”
And Rose exited into the greater world.

We volunteer!

When the world had too many males the government began changing men into women. Groups of male friends were chosen at random to become groups of female friends.
Mike and Larry wanted to be female so they could help the human race. So they went into the government and volunteered. The government was shocked that a man would volunteer to be a girl. Due to the rareness of the situation they allowed Mike and Larry to select their features.
Mike decided to become Mia (left) who was short with huge round breasts.
Larry in the other hand chose the conservative approach and became Lauren (right) who was basic and standard with blonde hair.
The pair loved the fact that they helped the survival of the human race. They also loved their new forms. However, Mia was beginning to tire of the stares at her breasts.
They are still the only people who went to the government transformation centre and said: “We volunteer!”


I was a photographer for Sports Illustrated, when one of the models came up to me after a shoot…
“Well let me tell you this really quick before I lose control again.
My best friend Jeremy and I were never the most patriotic people. We talked about how messed up this country was online pretty much everyday, heck we even had our own youtube channel where we shared our radical anarchist political views.” Read more