Waste of a man

“Yeah you like that, don’t you you little sissy?” Kyla growled in your ear as she furiously rubbed your new crotch. You tried not to think about it. You tried to imagine this wasn’t what you wanted. You had to hold out. You couldn’t really give up your life so easily.

“Yeah, cum you little bitch. I can’t believe I dated you for three months while you were jerking it to porn, imagining you got turned into a woman. What a waste. Then I use my magic to fix the problem. Give you your deepest fantasy, and you won’t do it. All you have to do is cum and it’ll be permanent.” Kyla hissed as she held you pinned in place and kept rubbing you. You’re eyes were half closed, you didn’t know what was coming, but you knew it was close.

“Well I’m not wasting the magic like I wasted those months. You’re gonna fucking cum and no other woman is ever going to waste time on a loser of a man like you. Then you’re gonna be the little whore you wanted to be. I’ll keep you here and you can turn tricks to pay rent. Mmmhh, yeah, I like that. I could even profit from this you little slut. It’s not like you’ll have other options with out an identity.”

You tried to hold back but it was too much. A low guttural growl ripped through your body and you screamed as you came for the first time as a woman. Your fantasy had become a reality. The old you was gone.


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